Squanto's Secret Garden and the First Thanksgiving.

First Thanksgiving - Squantos Garden

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Plus Little Known Secrets About How a Colony Survived and a Nation Was Built

Dear fellow Patriot and Gardener,

When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in November of 1620, it was cold, windy and they were short on supplies.  In fact, they were far north of where they had expected to be, and for those who survived that first brutal winter, they were in for an even greater shock…

“The soil quality at Plymouth Rock, combined with their old-world farming techniques, was producing far less food than the colony needed to survive”

Fortunately for the Pilgrims, a kind-hearted, knowledgeable Native American offered to help.  His name was Squanto, and years before he had been sold into slavery in Europe.  During his captivity, he traveled around England and the continent, learned English and watched how the Europeans used technology to their advantage.

After returning to America, Squanto was able to apply what he had learned and adapt it to Native American lifestyle, resulting in revolutionary techniques that helped the Pilgrims develop a bountiful harvest that would produce that First Thanksgiving dinner-a feast that actually lasted three days!

Squanto’s secrets helped the Pilgrims overcome the harsh elements, poor soil quality and old-world techniques that were poorly suited for the new land.  As a modern-day gardener myself, I was fascinated to discover these secrets and wondered if they might be relevant today, when even home gardeners struggle with soil quality and planting techniques.

Then a friend introduced me to “Squanto’s Garden”, a free book published by Solutions from Science.  In Squanto’s Garden you’ll discover:

  • Exactly why the soil quality is so poor…and what the Pilgrims did about it

  • Why the European-style, large, communal farms failed

  • What the fish in the sea have to do with your backyard garden

  • Little known facts from our nation’s history your family will love

And even how to grow healthier, better tasting food with less effort!

This free eBook reveals the hidden history you won’t find in most textbooks…and the secrets to successful, independent gardening the political elites don’t want you to know!

“Squanto’s Garden” will share with you how the Native American techniques saved a colony and built a nation, as well as:

  • Three reasons you should use a Native American garden design

  • Precisely what you can do today to restore your soil

  • Real recipes from the very First Thanksgiving

  • How to transform an existing garden into a fertile, Pilgrim garden

As well as the truth about the communal ‘socialized’ farming techniques that almost left the Pilgrims starving!

Plus, you’ll learn:

  • How much land a Native American family needed to be completely independent

  • The little-known technique that enabled the Pilgrims to produce more with less effort

  • The four foods the Pilgrims enjoyed at the First Thanksgiving that will shock you!

  • Why the Pilgrims’ food was healthier and tasted better than what you get from the grocery store today!

  • Why manure-based fertilizer techniques are limited

And even the truth about the drastic decrease in nutritional value of modern day produce (and what you can do about it)!

You don’t have to be a master gardener to put these secrets to work immediately.  In fact, whether you’ve been gardening for years or are still just dreaming about being totally self-sufficient, “Squanto’s Garden” will both educate and entertain while helping you plan for your family’s food future.

In Squanto’s Garden, you’ll discover:

  • The truth about organic foods

  • How to assess your soil quality

  • The best Ph value for your soil…and how to fix it

  • The unlikely source for the most effective fertilizer

  • How to design your garden to work with nature

  • How to pair crops so they will grow well together and actually benefit from one another

And even secret recipes from the 17th century for preparing turkey, pumpkin and stew!
The Pilgrims were smart, tough, resourceful people, but they had to learn to adapt to a different, difficult environment.  We must learn to do the same today, and the publishers of “Squanto’s Garden” are so committed to education, they’ve published this extensive how-to book absolutely free.

Just imagine…a few moments from now, you’ll be reading about how to work with nature to create an organic garden that will produce healthier and better tasting vegetables.

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Mike Walters
Home Gardener & Staff Writer

P.S.  Trend experts and commodity advisors are warning of coming food shortages and even food riots in the streets of the USA…”Squanto’s Garden” can help you prepare your family so you’re never in need of healthy, great-tasting food.  Download the eBook today…it’s free!

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